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Dr. Brad HolmbergDVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVO   

How to Give Eye Medications

Giving topical medications to your dog or cat can be quite difficult. However, with patience and a bit of practice you will be able to medicate your pet.

For small and medium size dogs and cats:

Place them on a table or counter top so that you are in control. Position them so that their butt is next to your belly. Bend over and use your elbows to hold them. Now they can not back up or go left or right. Place your left hand on their chin and angle their head up. Now, place your left thumb on the upper eye brow (the eye brow is preferred to the eyelid as putting pressure on the eyelid could put pressure on the eye and cause damage or discomfort) and pull up. This will expose the white part of the eye. Place the drop or a small amount of ointment onto this area of the eye.

**Do NOT touch the medication bottle or tube to the actual eye. This can cause trauma to the eye or contamination of the medication.


For large dogs:

Bring them to a corner of a room. Position them so that their butt is in the corner. Stradle them using your thighs and elbows to prevent them from moving side to side. Grasp the chin with the left hand, angle the head up, and follow the instructions above.



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